Your hosts, Heikki & Anna

Hello, I’m Heikki Jantunen, the founder and guide at Into The Wild – Wilderness Adventures. I am a passionate all year round trekker who has explored Lapland for years. Originally from Eastern Finland, I studied economics in Stockholm after which I entered into the business consulting. Whilst leading complex IT programs globally, I always had a close connection to nature and wilderness and spent most of my holidays trekking and fishing.

And I am Anna Erkinheimo, co-founder and host at Into The Wild – Wilderness Adventures. With roots all over Finland, including Lapland, I have found my sense of belonging in the Northern fells.  Background in civil engineering and years in international business have converted into a desire to coach and create experiences for people where they can find new resources within themselves and recharge in connection with the oldest source of wellbeing, nature – because that is what we are all part of. I am also a meditator and mindfulness instructor of six years as well as a life coach.

We decided to follow our desire to bring powerful nature experiences to you through adventures in barren and untamed wilderness where the wilds are vast, uninhabited, pathless areas in a near natural state.  We wish the Into The Wild experience be a chance to enjoy, discover and rejuvenate whatever is that is wanting emerge for you with the help of purest source of inspiration – nature.

Join us in a memorable adventure of your lifetime!