Location and how to get to us

Into The Wild Lodge is in Piesjoki valley inside Paistunturi Wilderness Area, where fells and the wild, beautiful and lush mountain birch forests contrast with the bare treeless fell fields. Forests, waterfalls and wildlife await discovery.

Rapids with private pools beckon, so do evenings under starry sky or the camp fire under the midnight sun or the privacy of your luxury lodge accomodation. A nightfall camp experience is all about you. For some the ideal is to find a relaxing spot, in the forest or beside the creek, to read, daydream or meditate. No pre-recorded sounds here, just the real thing: birds, wind in the trees and the backdrop of the murmuring creek.

For those who crave adventure, energetic expeditions await. You can head into the tangled forests on a self-directed journey or choose a unique quided-walk through the wilderness. Without formed tracks a nightfall’s guided adventures give you access to attractions beyond the reach of the average traveller. Treks are custom-designed to ensure you see our breathtaking wilderness.


The closest airport in Finland is Ivalo operated by Finnair and Norwegian Air. Closest airports in Norway are Alta and Lakselv.

Transportations from and to airports are included in the packages.