Nature Adventures

We organize special nature tours are for individuals, small groups and couples. These trips often include staying overnight in the wilderness or use of partner services (e.g. husky trips). Depending your interest in nature, hill-walking, photography, fishing or hunting, we choose most suitable destinations. We honour the wilderness heritage leaving only our footsteps behind us.

Adventures in the wilderness can seem challenging to prepare for. Our adventures are all inclusive treks, all you need is your personal clothing and shoes. We happily assist you with flight plans, clothing and equipment planning. Feel free to call, email or use the contact form with any questions you may have.

The winter wilderness will reward you with extraordinary scenes and experiences for rest of your life. You will be inside the hibernating nature. Moon and Nothern Lights make it easy to ski during the night time too. Smooth darkness at the Polar Night is mesmerizing. Winter adventures are exciting and challenging you. Weather can change rapidly from clear skies to a snow storm. The temperature can plummit to arctic levels. Nights are spend in tents or lavvus. You will use your navigation skills daily and prepare the camp site in all conditions.

Summer in Lapland is short and intense. Thanks to the midnight sun nights are bright thus giving us plenty of time for hiking or canoeing either on the fell creeks or in the near Tana river. Along with hiking, fishing is the key activity during the peak af the summer. The hunting season opens in August and continues until the early spring. Camping during adventures take place in tents or lavvus.

Winter season lasts from November to April, summer season from May until October.

Check out our offerings and pick your adventure! Or, we’ll plan a unique one for you. Welcome to enjoy nature!