Your wilderness experience

Into The Wild offers you a beautiful nature destination and memorable experiences in the wilderness of Nothern Lapland throughout the whole year.

You can enjoy silence and tranquility during a peaceful stay at our lodge exploring the nature during day trips. Wellbeing and harmony in the nature are the main themes. There are no other cabins in 10 kilometer radius of our lodge – we are truly surrounded by arctic nature only.

Activities to enjoy nature include hiking, off-track skiing, snow-shoeing – wandering at your own pace. Tobogganing on the nearby hills also! Some days we take the sledge out to see views further in the wilderness or go ice-fishing. Reindeer are often around and visible, depending on the migration. The Northern lights can be viewed right outside your doorstep.

Days in the wilderness are balanced by the comfort of bathing in the sauna, cozy evenings in barbeque hut and by night at our traditional tastefully equipped log cabin. Your hosts prepare the food in the cabin and share it with you.

A chance to deeply connect to yourself, the party you are travelling with and the surrounding nature – why not let the Northern lights lure you even further out to the universe. In the wild, in the nature where no unnecessary disturbances test your ability to stay undistracted, a prime opportunity arises to reconnect to your innate state of wellbeing.

Welcome Into The Wild!