Your Nature Holiday

Relaxed nature holiday is about enjoying seasonal activities in a harmonious manner and experiencing complete immersion into the wilderness living.

Suitable for all ages – families, couples, groups of friends – we explore the surrounding landscape by skiing and snowshoeing in winter time. Tobogganing is possible right at the premises. Reindeer and ice-fishing safari to nearby hills and lakes gives a taste of real wilderness life – in this area the reindeer roam free so you see them in their truly natural habitat. Northern lights viewing is possible right outside the cabin from end of August to end of March – of course, clear skies and sun activity provided. Being so far North, it is common to see them usually few times a week.

During summer and autumn, we usually do relaxed, 3-4 hour hikes to the nearby sights and enjoy lunch in the nature. Towards the end of summer, berry-picking becomes possible and the selection is wide and plentiful: bilberries (=the Finnish blueberry), lingonberries, crowberries and Northern bilberries are all around. You can also fish in the river right in front of the cabin. And, opportunity to observe nature and enjoy stillness is with us all the time. We love to guide you deeper into these explorations too.

Daily adventures are balanced by the comfort of bathing in the sauna and tasty meals prepared by using local ingredients.

The cabin is reserved for your party only (no minimum, max 6 persons).

Please contact us for booking and further inquiries. Welcome!

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