Tundra Retreat

Connect to the vast wilderness of the Paistunturi tundra and vastness of your own inner nature.

Nature is a place to retrieve and discover the more subtle sides of your experience on Earth: nature works as a mirror to reflect on us the peace, awareness and wider perspective that we sometimes seem to lose in our everyday lives. When we retreat to nature away from everyday distractions of the built world, we get the perfect opportunity to tune in with the our essential deeper and natural knowing and the clarity and wellbeing will help us navigate in life.

During the retreat, we do slow, 3-4 hour hikes in the wilderness, meditate in our small group and reflect on our experience in a safe and respectful company.

Daily hike (during winter, skiing or snowshoeing) is an opportunity to move in nature and feel into the experience of changing scenery while staying tuned into your inner landscape. During hiking, we are mostly silent and restrict interaction to sharing wildlife observations.

Meditations are mindfulness-based and we also meditate in nature to fully tune into the sensory, embodied experience. You don’t have to have prior meditation experience to get the benefits – after all, these skills are all part of our pre-programmed ”settings” and we all start more deliberate practice from right where we are at any moment.

Group reflection during the afternoon is an opportunity to share and ponder discoveries together. You can also choose to spend this time by yourself in nearby nature, for example.

You can come with your friends and book the time that best suits your schedules. Or, if you wish to join preplanned retreat, please contact us for retreat schedules.

Your retreat guide Anna is a trained mindfulness instructor and life coach as well as a strong human-nature connection enthusiast. ”My desire is to bring you to the threshold of new discoveries about the wisdom of nature and how we can all tap into it more to bring our own unique expression of it to life.”

Price: 750€/person for 3 day/4 nights retreat (minimum 2 persons, maximum 6 persons, longer retreats are possible too)

Prices include guided wilderness hikes, meditations, group reflections as well as personal guidance (if desired) and accommodation, transportations from/to Ivalo (FIN) and Lakselv (NOR) Airports, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with beverages.

Please contact us for booking and further inquiries.  Welcome!